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Welcome to the SSPI Luxembourg Chapter

We are a relevantly young and dynamic chapter bringing together a thriving Luxembourgish space industry. Home and headquarters of leading satellite operators, uplinks, ground equipment manufacturers and service providers, we are open to any industry colleague who is active in the space and satellite communications industry sharing our passion. As Luxembourg is in the heart of Europe, we are fueled by great people working in Luxembourg and based in the region including all bordered countries, Belgium, Germany and France.

Join Us Today

If you share our passion for connecting with people networking with the industry, we invite you to join us at any of our networking events in Luxembourg and our beautiful Moselle-river wine region.

The SSPI Luxembourg chapter was founded end of 2019 by space and satellite industry professionals who gathered previously as “Mosel-Satcom-Stammtisch” with main activities in exchanging information, organizing meetings and networking events and teleport tours. In addition to fulfilling its mission of serving space and satellite industry professionals, the SSPI Luxembourg chapter is also indirectly driving the development of the industry as a whole with several of our members being active next to their day-to-day job in various industry bodies and industry-led consortiums.

Get Involved

While you can join our meetings and events without being an SSPI member, we live and highly value SSPI’s mission as our industry’s largest, most international and cross-disciplinary network of individuals and companies. It is where the people of space and satellite do business, from new hires to seasoned executives, in startups on the launch pad and mature companies with billions in revenue. Those people are our mission, because they make up an industry whose technology and capabilities are indispensable to the world. Learn more

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Contact Details

Contact Luxembourg Chapter President Kerstin Roost, ST Engineering iDirect, for more information on the chapter.

Chapter Board

President: Kerstin Roost, ST Engineering iDirect

VP: Thomas Eggenweiler, ST Engineering iDirect

VP: Stephan Heirbrant, LuxGovSat

VP: Thomas Wrede, SES

Members: You? We are growing, join us today!

Upcoming Events

  • New York Space Business Roundtable: ESG: The Unethical Future of Space

Past Events

AFTER WORK Gathering

10 September 2021
Before the summer has ended, it was a great pleasure for our SSPI Luxembourg chapter to invite you to our first AFTER WORK get-together outside. It was a great success, where we all enjoyed to meet our favorite satellite and space industry in person in a relaxed atmosphere at Kulturhuef Bistro in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg. ​We welcomed SSPI members as well as any interested satellite and space colleagues, who share the passion for our industry. For sure, one of the highlights was the unofficial special “Mr. Spock” burger on the menu. What a great evening.​ To-be-continued.



Webinar: Groundhog Day 2021 - What Will the Future Bring?

2 February 2021
This webinar asks the question: will 2021 be a repeat of the last months or will we see an early spring? This one-hour online event featured speakers from three different verticals: government & defense, maritime/shipping and broadcast & media.

Are You Ready for 2021?

17 December 2020
With this online SSPI Luxembourg Chapter event we were celebrating one year of the Luxembourg Chapter and listened to insights from the maritime and aero industry. As we were close to the holiday season, holiday trips were usually planned at this time of the year, which was quite challenging during the pandemic COVID-times. The industry was hit hard, still, there were some options available. Our guest speaker and expert in his domain talked about: “Flights and Cruises: what’s still possible today and in the near future?” by Andrew Faiola, Mobility Head at ST Engineering iDirect. This event was also a chance to join us for a virtual drink as part of this one hour event and participants were able to join our quiz with nice prizes sponsored by ST Engineering iDirect. The Christmas Sweater dress code was the cherry on the cake to make it a great event.

Experts’ Insights: Satellite Launches & 5G

10 June 2020
Via this online SSPI Luxembourg Chapter event we dove into two exciting topics for one hour. Our guest speakers were experts in their domain of: “The Journey of How to Launch a Satellite” given by Elodie Viau, VP, Technology Program Management at SES, Luxembourg as well as “5G and the Impact on the Satellite Industry” by Alexander Geurtz, VP, 5G Solutions at SES, Luxembourg. We are proud that we were able to kick-off our experts’ insights with these great speakers as we presented hereby the topics our SSPI Luxembourg chapter members identified of high interest as part of an online survey executed earlier in the year. For the event we welcomed SSPI members as well as any interested satellite and space colleagues who share the passion for our industry.

SSPI Luxembourg - Teleport Meets Wine

4 March 2020
SSPI Luxembourg Chapter event to discover the teleport of Vicus-Luxlink located at the Moselle in Perl Besch, Germany. You got insights on the company’s services, solutions and unique innovations to meet customers’ requirements every day. With the teleport located along the Moselle in Germany, this evening continued with a wine tasting on the other side of the river in Luxembourg’s Remerschen sponsored by Vicus-Luxlink. Afterwards, any discussions were continued during dinner at Le Bistrot Gourmand. We welcomed all SSPI member as well as any interested satellite and space colleague, who shares the passion for our industry.

Mosel-Satcom-Stammtisch Xmas Reception & Launch SSPI Luxembourg

17 December 2019
Christmas Reception where we we officially launched the newest SSPI chapter: SSPI Luxembourg! We met at the lovely Kulturhuef Bistro, enjoyed Christmas Cocktails, launched SSPI Luxembourg, shared ideas via a wish box, watched latest BSW videos, won prizes as part of the Christmas Raffle and enjoyed the big buffet. The SSPI Luxembourg Launch Reception was sponsored by ST Engineering iDirect.